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Want your business to be remembered at the next convention? 


Chair massage can do just that.

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A free massage is always attractive to weary convention visitors and many will wait in line just to receive one. A crowd gathered at your booth will attract more attention and the time that guests spend there will increase exponentially.


Balance Massage has had the opportunity to provide chair massage for conventions and trade shows for many years. We know our way around and can provide insight on how to successfully offer massage to your current and future customers. Navigating meeting spaces can be challenging but our expertise and experience will help your event run more smoothly.

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Offering a free chair massage at a corporate trade show booth is an enjoyable and cost effective marketing tool aimed at providing an exhibitor with increased visibility and face time with future clients


The massage chair is easily set up and is ideal for a trade show environment because a fully functional station can operate in a compact space. 

Let Balance Massage bring that added touch that can turn your booth into something truly memorable.

Here's how it works:

1. Pick your dates and available times, then contact us.

2. Decide on the length and number of massages (we can help with this).

3. Enjoy the positive feedback from you current and future customers.


Thanks! Message sent.

Our rigorous recruitment and training process gives you confidence in knowing that you are getting the highest standard of therapist in the industry.
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